Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's In Your Hanger?

I'm reviving this blog long enough to respond to Rix Javixx' What's In Your Hanger?.  So, without further adieu...
1 Chimera (travel fit, because it is my suitcase)
1 Phoenix (torp fit because sometimes I help shoot towers)
1 Manticore (bombing is fun, traveling cloaked is good)
3 Tornadoes (1 is a Jita Burn leftover to be used for hulkaggedon, two are snipers)
1 Naga and 1 Talos (one is blaster and the other rail fit)
1 Oracle (TiDicat)
3 Maelstroms (because CFC deployments)
1 Curse (currently heavy neut, as we were trying to pick off kiting frigates)
1 Ashimmu
1 Gila (stolen from a WH POS)
1 Cynabal
1 Phantasm
1 Vigilant
2 Falcons (one is combat, one is for cynos)
1 Daredevil
2 Dramiels (one is stuck in a red station)
1 Comet
1 Cerberus
2 Zealots
1 Eagle (Beagle)
1 Basilisk (standard issue)
2 Guardians (standard issue with a backup)
4 Scimitars (again, CFC deployments)
2 Tengu
1 Flabber (was asked to fit it for a fleet... then they switched ship types... not fit)
1 Fleet Vexor (got it for free from a guy who was leaving the game)
1 Navy Armageddon (a truly silly tank)
1 Rattlesnake (once upon a time, I ran missions)
1 Golem (once upon a time, I ran missions)
1 Machariel
1 Bhaalgorn
1 Nighthawk
1 Vulture
1 Claymore

Then, there are my alts.  They have less exciting hangars though.


  1. Nice! Reminds me of some ships I need to buy myself.

    1. Sadly, I rarely get to fly the fun ones. Life in null often locks you into fleet formats.

  2. I think I counted 81 ships in my Highsec base hanger. Does not include my lowsec system base where caps are kept....along with other misc ships throughout EVE. I have had many of these for years and got a good bulk when a friend left EVE and gave me all his stuff.

    1x Enyo
    1x Harpy
    2X Retribution
    1x Wolf
    1x Harbinger
    1x Myrmidon
    2x Naga
    1x Abbadon
    1x Apocalypse
    1x Armageddon
    1X Bhaalgorn
    1x Machariel
    1x Nightmare
    2x Tempest
    1x Tempest Fleet Issue
    1x Vindicator
    1x Redeemer
    4x Absolution
    1x Damnation
    4x Sleipnir
    2x Anathema
    1x Augoror Navy Issue
    3x Cynabal
    2x Omen Navy Issue
    2x Phantasm
    1x Rupture
    1x Stabber Fleet Issue
    4x Hyena
    1x Keres
    1x Kitsune
    2x Sentinel
    2x Pilgrim
    2x Cruor
    1x Daredevil
    1x Dramiel
    1x Comet
    2x Imperial Navy Slicer
    2x Republic Fleet Firetail
    1x Worm
    2x Munnin
    3x Sacrilege
    1x Vagabond
    4x Zelot
    2x Broadsword
    1x Devoter
    1x Stiletto
    2x Sabre
    1x Purifier
    1x Loki
    1x Proteus
    1x Legion