Monday, June 15, 2009

Apparently, people blog about Eve

So, I found CrazyKinux's blog about blogs. I linked from there to Eve Newb's blog about the appalling "blogs" that are linked on CrazyKinux's page. This led to a short big of browsing the blogs listed. I found blogs that had strong correlation to Eve, such as how one type of cake is better than another and how annoying siblings can be. There were more. Oh... there were more. Many seemed more like twittering than blogging tbh. That was disappointing. Here, I thought the Eve community was a bit more... intelligent... than the general internets lemmings.

So, I'm new to this "Eve blogging" stuff. I've long been a forum whore, and recently began doing videos on youtube about Eve, but never stepping into the blogging arena. Until now. Now you will be forced to read about the horrible things that I do to other players in 0.0 sec. Children need to leave the room. We're going to talk about raping, pillaging, and old fashion murder. It will be fun. There will be no cake. The cake is a lie anyway.

So, you don't know me (if you do, I almost feel sorry). I'm Bagehi in-game. I shoot people. I fly with a bunch of princesses in an alliance known as Sc0rched Earth . I have flown in a few alliances over the years - IAC, FND, and B.L.A.C.K. I've also flown with some notables in my time (and shot some others). We kill people and build more stuff to kill more people. Now that you know me, prepare for boring diatribes about life in 0.0.


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  1. You blog, you read and now you are in the OPML download as well mate,

    Keep up the good work mate!!!