Thursday, October 29, 2009

CVA and the need for disband reform

Ever since the BoB-Haargoth wtfbbq, there has been discussion about the horrible design of the disband alliance function. With the recent CVA disband by way of hacked account, I would hope that this would light a fire under CCP's butt to repair the system.

At the very least, having a notification sent to the alliance that a person clicked the "disband" button would solve many of these problems. CCP has a ton of timers, warning popups, and email notifications for any number of trivial events, but nothing for disband alliance? There should be emails at the very least, if not onscreen notifications and a countdown timer to match the rest of the game. Why the death of an alliance is a silent thing until after it is gone is a mystery.

If there was some basic notification of an event like this, the CVA disband would not have ended up being a petition as it would have simply been sorted out internally.

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